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Golf Shot Tracker Technology – Can It Lower Your Handicap?

A golf shot tracker is a device used to record every shot during a round of golf. Shot tracking technology is rapidly becoming mainstream with tech-savvy golfers, and for good reason…

Today’s modern golfer knows the value of having golf shot statistics, including stats on every golf swing they make at the driving range and on the golf course.

And the newest golf shot trackers can do much more than simply track your shots. They can record golf swing data that is critical to understanding your swing tendencies and improving your entire golf game.

How Does a Golf Shot Tracker Work?

A golf shot tracker is a device that works off of a GPS signal. When you hit a golf shot then go to your ball and hit your next shot, the tracking device knows you are at a new location on the course. It then records data for your next golf swing and so on.

A basic golf shot tracker simply records the distance of each shot, and sometimes the direction. You can also use it to keep your score, eliminating the need for a paper scorecard and that pencil you can never find. After the round you can see your average distance for each tee shot, each approach, as well as your dispersion left or right of target.

These capabilities are in most shot trackers including free shot tracker apps you can download to your iphone or android smartphone. They are a bit clumsy to use though, as you need to take your smartphone out before each shot and tap the app to tell it what club you are hitting.

One of my playing partners uses a free shot tracker app and he has a bit of a slow play reputation.

In my humble opinion, if you are going to use a shot tracker, a free app is really not the best way to go. Read on to see more automated and advanced golf tracking solutions…

What Golf Shot Tracker Technology is Available?

Beyond the free smartphone shot tracking apps, there are shot tracker systems that can do much more. Most of them still come with apps, but the good systems have automated much of the process, letting you keep your smartphone in your pocket or your bag.

They’ll handle shot tracking, stat recording, score keeping and some even act as a swing analyzer.

They do all of this by having you place a sensor or IR device into the butt-end of each of your golf clubs. This eliminates the need to tell an app what club you are hitting before each shot.

These sensors usually connect via IR or technology to an external device either on your belt or your golf glove. That device then connects to your smartphone via bluetooth. It takes a good half hour to set it all up, but you only have to do that once and you’re good to go.

As with the free app based shot trackers, you’ll get distance stats for each club as well as dispersion info such as fairways hot, greens hit, etc.

But new golf shot tracker technology does not stop there.

The newest shot trackers can actually help you with golf swing analysis by recording additional swing data for each shot. This includes your swing speed, your swing path and even your tempo. This is where golf shot tracking and golf swing analysis meet to help you become a better player…

Can a Golf Shot Tracker Device Lower Your Handicap?

OK, so it is obvious that having statistics such as average carry distance per club and number of yards missed left or right after each round of golf is helpful. That’s a no-brainer. It helps you find your weaknesses and lets you know where you need to practice more.

But an advanced golf shot tracker goes way beyond that. Imagine looking at your round of golf on your smartphone or PC and seeing exactly why you hit the bad shots that you hit.

Remember that tee shot you hooked into the woods on the par five 5th that cost you a double-bogey? A quick look at your swing data for that particular tee shot tells you why you snapped hooked it OB. Your swing path was too far inside out.

How about that 9-iron that you hit thin and over the back of the par 3 17th? The one that cost you the match.

A quick glance at your shot tracker app and you’ll see why… your tempo was too quick. That’s a tendency you need to work on, especially when you tee it up with a little more pressure on you than usual.

Talk about using new golf technology to your advantage!

Golf Shot Tracker Reviews:

OK, now that you know what a good golf shot tracker can do, I’ll show you a couple of my favorites.

First we have one of the most popular, called Arccos.
golf shot tracking system
This is a shot tracking system that gives you a ton of stats. And it is probably the easiest to use since the club sensors connect directly to the app, eliminating the need for an external sensor on your glove or belt.

However it comes with a few drawbacks…

First, with the Arccos shot tracking system you must keep your phone in your pocket. That’s no big deal for most golfers but can be a hassle if you have a large smartphone.

The next thing I think it should include for the price, is some swing analysis data such as swing speed, club path and tempo. It does not. Though the ease of use and the depth of the stats it records explains why it is so popular among tech-savvy golfers.

golf shot trackerAnother popular stat tracker is called Game Golf.

Game Golf is similar to the Arccos tracking system in that it gives you almost every stat you’ll need to improve.

This one has the sensors for your clubs as well as a device you clip to your belt.

Game Golf uses GPS technology and NFC technology to track your location on the course. Before each shot you “tag” the club to the device on your belt by tapping the butt end of you grip to the device.

After you complete your round, you sync the device to a computer and you’ll be able to see fairways hit, greens-in-regulation, approach shot accuracy, scramble percentage, sand saves, number of putts and average distance for each club.

Unfortunately, the Game Golf shot tracker also lacks swing analyzer features and cannot show you your tempo, swing path or swing speed.

piq sensorWhich leads me to my personal favorite. The Mobitee and PIQ golf shot tracker, golf swing analyzer and GPS device.

In fact, I liked this one so much I decided to do a fill review of the product at a separate page. Click here for that full review.

In closing…

If you want to take your golf game to the next level, put a golf shot tracker to work for you.

A golf shot tracker is the number one tool for tech savvy golfers and with today’s modern golf technology you can get one that gives you everything rolled into one… a GPS device, a shot tracker, and even shot analysis on a swing by swing basis.

What more could you ask for in new golf technology!

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I live and breathe golf. My dad had me on the course at age 5 and I've been playing almost 50 years now. With the help of new golf technology (launch monitors, simulators, swing analysis, range finder, etc.) I've lowered my handicap to a 7.8 index. I'll share all my favorite golf technology with you here, so you can keep improving too!

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