Wanna Hit More Fairways? Watch Your Hip Turn!

By Jim D / March 7, 2017

This tip on the Golf Swing Hip Turn literally fixed my wild driving overnight.

I’ve always loved to drive the ball and I average 250-270 off the tee. But for the last few years I’ve been hitting about 20-40% of my fairways on average. Add in an OB or two and my scores were in the mid 80’s instead of the high 70’s where I like to be consistently.

Turns out I was turning my hips WAY too much on the backswing and then they were sometimes spinning out too quickly, or worse, sliding forward on the downswing. This would cause bad blocks to the right and an occasional snap hook. Frustrating!

This video shows you just how little your hips actually SHOULD move as you take the golf club back.

Most people don’t realize that the hips don’t really turn that much as you reach the top of your backswing. Even though 45 degrees is the normal amount of rotation this is only a small amount when looking at how much belt buckle actually moves.

It’s important that you learn the proper golf hip turn so you develop the necessary torque in as you reach the top of your backswing.

Once you see it from this perspective it will be come clear that a lot of hip turn is not necessary in your backswing and should be avoided. Especially if you want consistency in your driving and you want to hit more fairways.

After watching this video my driving has improved dramatically, simply by being conscious of my hips in the swing. Now I limit how much my hips rotate and focus on trying to point my belt buckle to the ball at impact.

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Jim D

I live and breathe golf. My dad had me on the course at age 5 and I've been playing almost 50 years now. With the help of new golf technology (launch monitors, simulators, swing analysis, range finder, etc.) I've lowered my handicap to a 7.8 index. I'll share all my favorite golf technology with you here, so you can keep improving too!

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