Golf Grip: Perfect Right Hand Grip Placement

By Jim D / March 17, 2017

Golf Grip Right Hand Placement

In this video I talk about the right hand of the golf grip, or the bottom hand of the grip. This is a very tough thing to achieve. It will feel very weak and very awkward but in the long run it will increase your consistency and distance. This will of course in turn lower your scores and that is never a bad thing. The correct golf grip is key to having a better game.

Over the many years of my teaching I have found that this is usually the one area that everybody needs help with and that not many people have the proper golf grip. When working on something like this it takes perseverance. It will feel bad for a couple of weeks, this is your only connection to the golf club.

The golf grip is key to achieving lower scores. The right hand needs to be in a neutral to weak position. Out of the three knuckle sections of your fingers, the club needs to be held in the middle or second knuckle section. Then try to cover your top hand thumb with you palm of your lower hand.

This way your golf swing will be freer and easier to make good solid contact with the ball. After looking at many student’s grips, not many people have the club in a good position. If you want to achieve a better grip, play better golf and lower your score then this tip is critical for you.

The right hand golf grip will determine the clubface angle. When you start to change the face angle this can make it very difficult to hit straight shots. With hitting crooked shots, this then can make golf a very tough sport. If you want to become a better player this is the first step in becoming one. Not many good players have a bad grip. Keep working on this and you in turn will be on the road to becoming a better player.

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Jim D

I live and breathe golf. My dad had me on the course at age 5 and I've been playing almost 50 years now. With the help of new golf technology (launch monitors, simulators, swing analysis, range finder, etc.) I've lowered my handicap to a 7.8 index. I'll share all my favorite golf technology with you here, so you can keep improving too!

Matt Cody - November 7, 2013

Gold. Absolutely gold. Thanks again Paul.

William Pickford - January 24, 2014

Hi Paul,
I have been watching grip videos and have been fiddling with left and right hand grips changes for months. All a failure.

No longer ! Your detailed explanation is spot on and I am changing no more.
Many thanks,
                Bill Pickford 

Pye Aung - February 1, 2014

Thank you Paul, I am struggling with proper grip for years and no one could explain me why. Thanks 

Jay Robinson - March 2, 2014

brilliant, my slice has been cured, always focusing on that V now!

sharmakdeep - April 1, 2014

Great point @7:00. 

David Wee - April 23, 2014

Truly enjoy listening to your wonderful tip on the right way to grip the club for greater power.

Eli Cho - May 6, 2014

No more fat shots!! This grip suits me because my hand aren’t that big but I do like the overlapping grip. This was 75% of the set-up I needed to work on. Plus I don’t cup my wrist during backswing anymore. Thanks!!

Sam Carter - May 10, 2014

Watched this video and implemented it on the course today. It was incredible. I’ve never had a round of golf like that in my life, splitting fairways and hitting 20 yds further than usual. I didn’t slice a single drive, which for me is insane. Greatest golf tip ever, thanks so much Paul.

S Vargheese - May 12, 2014

very useful

endsle11 - May 19, 2014

This grip completely cured my snap hook thank you!!!!

Forrest Cowley - May 23, 2014

To begin, thank you so much for all of your help. You have no idea how much you have helped my game. The one thing that I am missing on this video, is where you like the pinky to actually lay. You did mention what not to do but didn’t show exactly where the right pinky is located with this grip. Does it just lay over the top of the left index? Thanks again!

Crystal Titus - May 26, 2014

i cant wait to try the grip. ive struggled with this issue.

william bordelon - May 27, 2014

A week ago I started studying and practicing all your swing training videos (grip, take back, starting down, follow through, etc.). Typically late in the season(August/September) I am shooting low 90s. This past Saturday I shot an 86. My round felt so effortless. It was definitely the most enjoyable round I have ever played. I look forward to shooting in the low 80s by the end of this year.

Jonna Feldhege - June 12, 2014


Seungwoo Jun - June 23, 2014

This is by far the best golf advice I’ve ever got. Thank you so much. Hope to update you on the progress!

cioccbike - July 10, 2014

Dude, I’ve watched a LOT of video’s and read LOTS of books on how to grip the club properly.  Still, I never got it right.  This video is the BEST!  I wish I had come across this video 2 years ago.  Thank you very much for sharing this.

steve Nguyen - July 12, 2014

Paul, excellent instruction on the grip.

eva winston - July 15, 2014

great video   Just tried it out and range and it is so much better although I will need to continue to practice it.  Thanks

silentsmile - September 20, 2016

First off thank you for the tips. I’m a starter at the game of golf. Will this grip be the same for all clubs or only for Irons?

Arthur Romero - September 21, 2016

Excellent information regarding the proper right hand position. When I teach the grip to my students, I ensure their grips are the correct size for their hands.

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