Golf Downswing: How To Start Down

By Jim D / March 14, 2017

Golf Downswing

This is one of the most important tips learning the golf swing. This helps you develop not only power but consistency too.

So many people are trying to get the ball just their hands and arms when really it’s all about the body. If you can learn to uncoil your body properly and let your hands go along for the ride will create the whipping action necessary to generate maximum clubhead speed as well as consistency do to the uncoiling or spring-like effect you create by doing the moves in this tip.

If the golf swing was as easy as just whacking the ball with your hands and arms with more people the better players? There are people who live in playing golf for 20 to 40 years and they still can’t break 90. You would think that after this period of time people would get it but instead they showed no improvement.

What I’m saying is, you must learn to hit the golf ball another way. The golf downswing is totally the opposite to what you have been doing. If you have been hitting you don’t want to get anything at all. Instead, you want to keep the arms powerless and focus solely on the uncoiling of your body.

As you watch this golf tip it will be crystal clear on what you must do to master the golf swing and using your body. Once you see it and start to work on your game you should be able to see dramatic results in no time.

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Jim D

I live and breathe golf. My dad had me on the course at age 5 and I've been playing almost 50 years now. With the help of new golf technology (launch monitors, simulators, swing analysis, range finder, etc.) I've lowered my handicap to a 7.8 index. I'll share all my favorite golf technology with you here, so you can keep improving too!

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Alan Howell - September 29, 2016

Great concise & clear explaination

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