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About TechnologyGolfer.com

Golf has changed.

If you’re not using the latest golf technology, you are leaving shots on the course.

Don’t have a laser range finder?

Your perfect 130 yard pitching wedge approach into the 18th green might end up 8 yards past the pin. Now instead of a 3 foot birdie putt, you you have a downhill, left-to-right 24 footer. Your birdie just turned into a par, or worse, a bogey.

Don’t have your own personal launch monitor?

You may be wasting your time at the driving range when you could be learning all about your swing. Personal launch monitors give you instant feedback on your swing speed, ball speed, and carry distance for every club in your bag. That’s invaluable information if you’re serious about lowering your handicap.

Still stashing your clubs in the house every fall?

You could be playing all year long with your own personal golf simulator. That’s right, nowadays you can play golf right in your own living room, or turn that garage of yours into a man cave golfers paradise!

And that’s just the tip of the golf technology world.

Stat tracker can give you visual displays of every shot in every round of gold that you play. You can use this information to find holes in your game and attack those weaknesses with better practice.

The newest golf training aids can teach you how to “feel” the proper swing plane and groove it easily repeat it on the course.

This isn’t your grandfather’s game anymore. Or your father’s for that matter.

Golf has changed and you need to adapt if you want to improve. After all, improvement is what golf is all about. A lifetime quest to get better and better, and master this wonderful game.

Here’s the bottom line… if you’re serious about your golf, you really need to get serious about your technology.

And that’s precisely why we put this site together.

To get you up to speed on the newest and most effective golf technology.

We’ll help you discover the very best tools that the world of golf technology has to offer — so you can lower your handicap and have more fun playing this wonderful game.